Corona message

Dear guest,

At the moment we are receiving a lot of questions from our guests about how we will deal with the current situation concerning the COVID-19 crisis. First of all, we are doing our utmost best to answer all your questions as quickly as possible. It may happen that it takes a little longer than you are used from us. We therefore ask you to only contact us if your travel dates fall in the month of April. For all arrivals after 1 May, we will keep you informed later and/or via our website.

What does the COVID-19 virus mean for your boating holiday?

You can go on a sailing holiday with peace of mind with our yachts! The bridges and locks in our sailing area run again in the summer operation. Of course your health and safety is very important to us and we have taken the following measures for contacting our guests during the period that the virus is active.

– We currently rent to all guests, even guests who do not live together under one roof may board together. Provided the 1.5 mtr. rule is used.
– Bridges and locks turn again in summer operation.
– We welcome you as usual, but do not shake hands in greeting.
– We only receive 1 crew with max. 2 people at the same time in the reception.
– The explanation of the ship will also be given to max. 2 persons. The explanation will also be sent to you by YouTube film, so that you can view the instructions at home and, if necessary, ask the questions when you sail.
– Where possible keep 1.5 meters away during check-in and explanation.

During your stay on board, be sure to clean all used inventory record with hot water and soap.

If you or someone in your crew shows symptoms during your holiday, please report to us.

In addition to regular cleaning, all our ships are then checked and all door handles, light switches and smooth surfaces are disinfected.

Our pin devices, board folders, office and reception area will also be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

All our basins, sheets, towels and washcloths are washed in the laundry with bleaches at 90 degrees.

Many false messages about the corona virus are spread via the internet and social media. We therefore keep to the messages that are distributed through the official bodies and will inform you via this page if these messages affect your holiday.